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We got Innofounder!

Innofounder is an intense 12-month program that strenghens research-based early-stage entrepreneurship in Denmark. 

Powered by Innovation Fund Denmark, Innofounder provides funding, a development grant, and a dynamic learning accelerator, with workshops, mentoring sessions, and networking opportunities. 

Transforming innovative ideas into sustainable businesses, Innofounder acts as a catalyst for societal impact and economic growth.

Specifically, Innofounder will help us building an MVP for Danish language, defining a regulatory compliance strategy to become a medical device, and refining our Go-To-Market strategy.

Startup Borgen's Pitch Competition 2023

We won the annual pitch competition of Startup Borgen, a Danish organization that aims to strengthen the relationship between politicians and entrepreneurs.

We pitched for politicians at the Danish parliament. The judges' selection underscores DemensAI's ability to "identify and address a critical need in society with a solution that can have a far-reaching positive impact. [They] identified a significant problem in the market. The solution that DemensAI presented has the potential to be used widely".

BII Schen Scheibye Innovation Award

At the Startup Day event in DTU, DemensAI won the BII Schen Scheibye Innovation Award 2023.

"It is important for BII to recognize both the universities for providing a great environment for innovation and those young life science researchers who dare to translate their brilliant scientific ideas into new and promising innovative solutions. DementAI is one of many outstanding examples from DTU on how novel concepts and ideas within life science can bring forward solutions to benefit both human and planetary health," says Jens Nielsen, CEO of BioInnovation Institute.

Credits: Marie Bentzon, 2023

Admitted to the DTU Skylab Incubator

DemensAI got accepted to the DTU Skylab Incubator.

This program offers a dedicated coach to steer the team, along with a range of workshops, networking events, and access to great scientific facilities!

TTRN Scientific Conference at Berkeley

"An International Perspective on Building Capacity in Health Care through Technology"

Laurine, our CTO, concluded her Master's thesis in Human-Centered A.I at DTU. Her research focused on developing the English proof-of-concept for DemensAI, which effectively categorizes Alzheimer's disease patients through speech recordings of picture descriptions.

Publication: Dargaud et al, Developing a spontaneous speech-based artificial intelligence for Alzheimer’s disease detection, 2023

The speech-based A.I approach and successful results were featured in an abstract published in the Journal of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth. Laurine also presented her groundbreaking research at the 2023 Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network International Scientific Conference held at U.C. Berkeley.

JUNE 2023
[PRESS] Article in TechSavvy

"The dream is that our solution is used everywhere by all doctors in Denmark"

The Danish media TechSavvy focusing on tech startups and innovation interviewed us as the Startup of the Week!

MAY 2023
Winning the DTU X-Tech Competition

Following our journey in DTU Entrepreuneurship, DemensAI advanced to the next level by joining the X-Tech+ program, a natural progression for all X-Tech nominees. This phase immersed us in rigorous workshops, learning about every facet of the startup creation, from equity and funding strategy to budget and finance. A distinguished advisory board of experts in health and entrepreneurship joined our ranks, providing unwavering support and guidance leading up to the final pitch.

In a triumphant conclusion, we emerged as the winners of the DTU X-Tech competition, securing a grant of 100,000 kr. to propels our startup into action!

MARCH 2023
Growth with Health Innovators

From March to May 2023, DemensAI has been selected to follow the Health Innovators, an incubator program initiated by Copenhagen Health Innovation

This program provided us with enriching workshops, including design thinking and prototyping at the The Royal Academy, Holmen. We also delved into valuable market and business insights specific to the healthcare sector.

The program facilitated feedback sessions and valuable connections with key players in the Danish healthcare and health innovation landscape!

Born in DTU X-Tech Entrepreuneurship

The DemensAI journey begins at DTU within the X-Tech Entrepreneurship course. Emerging from diverse backgrounds, all the team members unite to tackle the challenge of early dementia detection. Encouraged by motivational mentors and inspirational keynote speaker, the concept of employing speech analysis to address this significant health issue takes root in both our team and our entrepreneurial spirit.

As the semester concluded, DemensAI achieved a significant milestone by becoming a finalist in the X-Tech competition. This recognition fuels our commitment to transforming healthcare through innovative solutions!